Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost Tooth & Spokane

Regan lost her first tooth on April 16Th! It was feeling really loose so I told her to eat an apple. Then she came in and said "Mom, look at my loose tooth." And it was gone. I thought she had swallowed it. But after a hands and knees search I found it. She was so excited. I was glad she lost it before I left on my trip so I could be a part of that step in her life.

So my mom and I were able to go to Spokane to visit my sister. It was GREAT!! I don't fly very well, so when we got there on Thurs. I was a little nauseous, but we were able to go to Fairchild Air Force Base and see where Jeremy is working. It brought back some memories of when Randy was active duty. We went to the mall that night and had dinner. Jeremy suggested a place called Sawtooth where he was adventurous and got a Philly Cheese steak sandwich made with buffalo meat. I stayed with something more normal and ordered a chicken wrap (I'm not one for trying new things, especially when it comes to food).

The next day we went to story time with Jay and the girls before we ventured out to see the sights. We went to Riverside Park and saw the carousel, the GIANT "Radio Flyer" wagon slide, and had the best fresh made mini doughnuts. We saw the Falls and took the gondola ride that takes you down to see the lower falls. It's a very pretty city, but the streets are hard to follow. I understand why Jay always takes the same roads. The drivers there are also afraid to go over the speed limit. If the speed limit's 35, they go 35 or LESS. Where I come from, if you're not going at least 5 over you get honked at and passed. Friday night we had a "girl's night out" with Jaylynn's friend Jenny and no kids. We went to dinner and to see the Spokane temple. Then for ice-cream at Maggie Moos.

Saturday we went on a souvenir hunt and came back empty handed.

Sunday was nice and relaxing. We went on a drive and saw Long Lake and the Long Lake Dam where we saw a bald eagle way out on a tree. I couldn't get a picture of it because it was too far away. We also saw where Jaylynn and Jeremy are storing their trailer and there's a big Off Road Vehicle park on the way.
We had a great time, but it was hard to leave. I miss having Jay around and I know my kids miss hers. We'll have to take them up there sometime. I know they would enjoy it.