Thursday, February 25, 2010

So I've been a bit behind, again. I don't think there has been much exciting going on, I guess.

Work has been very stressful and busy. We had one doctor leave and a new one come in and now I run the office for both doctors, where before the other doc had his own office manager.

Randy is staying busy and will start his months of traveling here soon. He'll be gone for a week or two here and there. Luckily he's not gone for too long.

The best thing that I am looking forward to is going up to see my sister again. We are planning a trip to Spokane! I think this will be our first road trip with just our family. The kids are so excited to see Jayda and Jaycee. I don't think they realize it will take awhile to get there. Jaylynn and Jeremy will be moving back to Salt Lake soon and I wanted Randy and the kids to see Spokane before that happens.

Regan likes school. They did a contest between all the grades to see who could read the most minutes and Regan was the top reader in her class!! She loves books, music, art, and is pretty good at math. I can'y believe ho much she has grown up.

Spencer is a typical boy! He loves to wrestle with and tease his sister. I was noticing in the car the other day that when we are listening to my iPod, if Regan says she doesn't like a song and wants me to skip it, Spencer will say "I love this song." I think he does it just to make her mad. They make me laugh!


Greg said...

I think a I remember you doing that to Jaylynn!

Hayley said...

My kids do the same thing....with everything. Movies, books, dinner. Drives me crazy :) Hope you have fun in Spokane, and I'm SO glad Jaylynn is moving back! Yay for you! Was you remember the name of that duet we played in college that required the second valve slide to be removed? I was talking about it with my quintet and couldn't remember what it was. It was your piece right? Do you still have it?